5G Workshop Highlights

Thank you to those that attended TIA’s Beyond 2020: A Vision of 5G Networks workshop!

Thought leaders from industry, academia and government came together to discuss the future of wireless communications November 21st for TIA’s Beyond 2020: A Vision of 5G Networks workshop.

The primary goal of the workshop was to provide an understanding of what the future of mobile networks will look like and discuss the Fifth Generation (5G) mobile network - the economic need and technical need for 5G and the various technologies that will support 5G mobile networks. 

There were many topics covered during the workshop and the presenters and moderators did an outstanding job laying the foundation for discussion.  Morning presentation sessions on the basics of 5G, wireless economics, and global efforts to define 5G laid the foundation for the afternoon’s discussions, which included interactive dialogue amongst attendees on the policies that will shape the future of wireless communications, current research on 5G, and what new opportunities and solutions will be available once 5G is fully deployed.

Alcatel-Lucent Paving the Way for 5G Samsung Says Millimeter Wave Frequencies is the Answer to 5G
Interdigital, Making a 5G Business Case 5G Panel: Beyond 2020

To access the presentations from the workshop, please login here. (use same username as for the workshop)

In the coming year TIA looks forward to continuing the discussion on 5G.  Should you be interested in sponsoring or presenting at a future workshop on 5G mobile networks, please contact Jeff Hannah at jhannah@tiaonline.org.

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