M2M Standardization Task Force (MSTF)

The Machine-to-Machine Standardization Task Force (MSTF) of the Global Standards Collaboration (GSC), a group of major Standards Development Organizations (SDOs) centered on the International Telecommunication Union, a specialized agency of the United Nations, was created during the GSC-15 meeting in Beijing, China, in September 2010. According to the resolution (DOC, 46 KB) that established the MSTF and was revised during the GSC-16 meeting in Halifax, Canada, in November 2011, the GSC MSTF aims to facilitate global coordination and harmonization in the area of M2M standardization by reaching out to a broad range of participants in the field and openly sharing relevant M2M information. TIA hosts the GSC MSTF, whose Chair is Dr. Jeffrey O. Smith of Numerex. Cheryl Blum, Vice President of Technology and Standards, heads the TIA delegation at GSC.

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Contact Info

  • Alain Louchez
    Vice President of Strategic Management, Numerex
    and GSC MSTF Coordinator

  • George Ivanov
    Manager, Technology and Standards, TIA