TIA OID (Object IDentifier) Assignment Guidelines and Procedures

TIA OID (Object IDentifier) Assignment Guidelines and Procedures  These guidelines describe the TIA administration and assignment process for the sub-tree designations below OID "tia". The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) is the registration authority for the "iso/member-body/us" branch of the tree [see section. 8.0]. TIA has registered sub-tree "tia" with ANSI and is the "tia" sub-tree Assignor.

Disclaimer:  "TIA OID (Object IDentifier) Assignment Guidelines and Procedures" contains information to assist the industry when referencing an "object" in a unique and universal way for Abstract Syntax Notation One (ASN.1) use. The information contained within this document is not guaranteed for accuracy or necessarily up-to-date. Unless otherwise specified, all information contained herein has been provided to TIA without any warranty or representation.

TIA therefore, makes no representations or warranties, and disclaims any and all responsibility, with respect to the accuracy, correctness, completeness or scope of such information.

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