TIA's Glossary of Telecommunication Terms

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Universal Time (UT)

1. The basis for coordinated dissemination of time signals, counted from 0000 at midnight. 2. In celestial navigation applications, the time which gives the exact rotational orientation of the Earth obtained from UTC by applying increments determined by the U.S. Naval Observatory. 3. A measure of time that conforms, within a close approximation, to the mean diurnal rotation of the Earth and serves as the basis of civil timekeeping. Note: Universal Time (UT1) is determined from observations of the stars, radio sources, and also from ranging observations of the Moon and artificial Earth satellites. The scale determined directly from such observations is designated Universal Time Observed (UTO); it is slightly dependent on the place of observation. When UTO is corrected for the shift in longitude of the observing station caused by polar motion, the time scale UT1 is obtained. When an accuracy better than one second is not required, Universal Time can be used to mean Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). [JP1] 4. The official civil time of the United Kingdom. Formerly called Greenwich Mean Time. Contrast with Coordinated Universal Time.