Engineering Committee TR-51 is developing air-interface, network, and conformance standards in support of Smart Utility Networks. The committee will focus on air-interface and network standards with wireless mesh network topology, optimized for Smart Utility Network applications.

Smart Utility Networks standards are intended to provide solutions for two-way data transmission between devices and back-office systems of the utility provider with a focus on improving services. The committee will develop standards for OSI layers 1 through 4, leveraging applicable existing standards.

TR-51 Leadership
Chair MJ Lynch & Associates Michael Lynch
Vice-chair Wi-SUN Alliance Philip Beecher
Secretary Itron, Inc. Kunal Shah
TIA Contact Info
TIA Committee Lead Victoria Mitchell
Committee Support Standards Secretariat

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Top Selling TR-51 Standards

ANSI/TIA-4957.200 Layer 2 Standard Specification for the Smart Utility Network
ANSI/TIA-4957.210 Multi-Hop Delivery Specification of a Data Link Sub-Layer
ANSI/TIA-4957.300 Layer 3 Standard Specification for the Smart Utility Network
ANSI/TIA-4957.400 Layer 4 Standard Specification for the Smart Utility Network
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