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FOTP220 - Differential Mode Delay Measurement of Multimode Fiber in the Time Domain

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Fitel USA, Inc.
2000 Northeast Expressway

Norcross, GA 30071

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770 798 2040
770 798 4501

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b) A license under any Essential Patent(s) or published pending patent application(s) held by the undersigned company will be made available under reasonable terms and conditions that are demonstrably free of any unfair discrimination to applicants only and to the extent necessary for the practice of the TIA Publication.

The undersigned company hereby limits its commitment to license under either (2a) or (2b) above to the patents and published pending patent applications identified by issuance and filing dates and numbers on Exhibit ‘A’ attached hereto, and represents that Exhibit ‘A’ contains all the undersigned’s known Essential Patents and published pending patent applications, as of this date, necessary to practice the Reference Document. The undersigned company undertakes to advise TIA of any Essential Patent(s) or published pending patent applications of the undersigned which become known to the undersigned after this date and to notify TIA whether a license will be made available with respect thereto in accordance with the TIA Patent Policy. Nothing in this statement requires the undersigned company to make a patent search.

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