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Forward Link Only Air Interface Specification for Terrestrial Mobile Multimedia Multicast

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Nokia Corporation
Keilalahdentie 2-4

Espoo, 02150

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Jari Vaario

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Jari Vaario
Keilalahdentie 2-4

Espoo, 02150

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b) A license under any Essential Patent(s), the license rights to which are held by the undersigned Patent Holder, will be made available to all applicants under terms and conditions that are reasonable and non-discriminatory, which may include monetary compensation, and only to the extent necessary for the practice of any or all of the Normative portions of Standards(s) falling within the above indicated Scope for the field of use of the practice of said Standard(s);

The commitment to license above selected will be made available only on a reciprocal basis. The term “reciprocal” means that the licensee is willing to license the licensor in compliance with either Paragraph (2a) or (2b) above as respects the practice of the Standard covered by the requested license.

The undersigned Patent Holder hereby limits its commitment to license under either Paragraph (2a) or (2b) above to the Essential Patent(s) identified by issuance and filing dates and numbers on Exhibit “A” attached hereto, and represents that Exhibit “A” contains all the undersigned’s known licensable Essential Patent(s) rights, as of the date stated below, only to the extent necessary for the practice of any or all of the Normative portions of the above Reference Document. The undersigned Patent Holder undertakes to advise TIA of any licensable Essential Patent(s) rights of the undersigned which become known to the undersigned after this date and to notify TIA whether a license will be made available with respect thereto in accordance with the TIA IPR Policy. Nothing in this statement requires the undersigned Patent Holder to make a patent search.

Exhibit A (PDF or MS Word Document)062907_052735.pdf