TR-41 Performance and Accessibility for Communications Products

The products, technologies, and technical areas within the scope of current and/or future standards developed and maintained by TR-41 include:

  • Performance requirements for
    • Voice, video, and other features that are associated with communications services.
    • Environmental impacts.
    • User related features that interface to networks and other equipment.
    • Accessibility and usability.
  • Covering products that connect to a communications network including:
    • Telephones with handsets, headsets, and speakerphones.
    • Communications gateways, conference systems, and other products that are typically installed at the user’s premises.
    • Wearable devices (e.g., watches, lapel microphones).
    • Using digital and analog wireline or “local radio” media (e.g., Wi-Fi® or Bluetooth®).
    • Directly or through another device (e.g. a USB headset connected through a computer).
    • For features that use wireless “air interfaces” (e.g., LTE, GSM, WCDMA).

    TR-41 Leadership

    Chair AST Technology Labs, Inc. James Bress

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  • TR-41 Top Standard Documents

    • TIA-470 Telephone Terminal Equipment Performance Standards: a comprehensive set of acoustic performance requirements for analog telephones, which address acoustic transmission, electrical-interface, and telephony features.
    • TSB-32-A Overall Transmission Plan Aspects for Telephony in a Private Network: This TSB (created in partnership with ETSI) provide the planners of multi-national and trans-continental private networks with the transmission planning principles and examples which will enable them to design a loss and level plan for the network and optimized the desired level of voice quality between users and between networks.
    • TSB-129-B Telecommunications Telephone Terminal Equipment U.S Regulatory Approval Guide: provides guidance to responsible parties (based on FCC Rule 47 C.F.R. Part 68) who wish to achieve approval of Telephone Terminal Equipment (TTE) for connection to the U.S. public switched telephone network by the Supplier's Declaration of Conformity or Telecommunication Certification Body methods.
    • IP Telephony Equipment (VoIP) Standards (free): includes TIA-811-A Performance and Interoperability Requirements for Voice-over-IP Telephones TIA-912-B Voice Gateway Transmission Requirements, TIA-1057 Link Layer discovery Protocol For Media Endpoint Devices, TSB-116-A Voice Quality Recommendations for IP Telephony, TSB-146-A IP Telephony Support for Emergency Calling Service, TSB-160 Synchronization in IP Networks, and TIA-1003 Requirements for a Wireless LAN Based IP Telephony Endpoint.
    • Terminal Equipment Standards for Digital Telephones (free): includes TIA-920.000-A Overview of Acoustic Requirements for Wideband Digital Wireline Telephones TIA-920.110-A ATransmission Requirements for Wideband Digital Wireline Telephones with Handset and TIA-920.130-A Transmission Requirements for Wideband Digital Wireline Telephones with Headset.

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    Overview of TR-41 Acoustic Accessibility Standards, James R. Bress.

    Overview of TR-41 Acoustic Accessibility Standards, James R. Bress.

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